Friselle con pomodoro e basilico

OH this is some surprisingly good food. I was skeptical that I would like this bread but now I can't imagine summer without it. This is a crunchy snack made in the winter and served in the summer months. It is used as the support to any number of toppings, including fresh tomatoes and other fresh ingredients.

A New Start

So, it has been a while since I've written here but I have stayed busy in the meantime. I got married and moved across country, also started my own IT business, you know, life goes on. I don't expect anyone still visits this old site but since my wife is Italian and we cook from scratch almost every night. I need a place to put our culinary adventures. Back to GS!

Working with Israeli Chef Avi Bitton

Mario Camacho Nonpareille Capers


Do you know where these tasty little treats come from? I had no idea until the question came up on one of my favorite shows, Good Eats with Alton Brown. Here is a 60 second clip to pay respect to my fellow Atlantian

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